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Motion Activated Camera

A trail cam is a motion sensor camera

Trail cameras are growing in popularity for hunters and those concerned about property security alike. A trail camera is a battery operated motion activated camera that will activate from movement up to 30-60 ft or more (depending on the camera) of the motion sensor.

Trail cameras can take pictures of up to 8 megapixel resolution and video with sound. The battery life can be up to a full year if you buy one of the mini trophy cams.  A motion sensor camera is generally attached to a tree with a locking cable and after the settings are set can be left until you can check them at your convenience.

Some trail camera manufacturers offer accessories that will allow you to view pictures taken by your camera in real time and have them emailed to you and or sent via text to your phone. This feature is great for property security. If someone is illegally on your property you can call the authorities immediately and be likely to catch the vandals, thieves, idiots, etc… in the act. To learn more about this feature click here.

What to look for in a motion activated camera

If you are shopping for a motion sensor camera there are a few features to look for.  The Flash is probably the first priority. If you are looking for a trail cam for security and surveilance purposes you will want a black led trail camera with night vision because the flash will be undetectable. If you are looking to catch vandals and thieves than an undetectable flash will prevent the likelihood of them locating and stealing your camera.

Black led trail cameras are recommended for hunters as well; especially if they are using their cameras on public lands. Mini trail cameras are easily hideable in the mountains or on private property but if there is a detectable white flash or even an infrared flash people may notice it as they walk by at night or early and late hours.

It has never been a better time to buy trail cameras. The technology has advanced considerably over the last few years and the prices have become very affordable. The top three cameras that we recommend for hunters or property surveilance are:
1. Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Black Led Trail Camera with Night Vision

2. Moultrie Game Spy M-100
3. Moultrie Game Spy M-80


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