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7 Best Trail Cameras Under $100

Many trail cams fall in the price range of $200 to $350 dollars; however, you can find some great products for under $100. That is what we want to show you today; which cameras would be a great buy and still provide the coveted features and functionality that the higher end trail cameras  offer.  We will count down from number 7 to what we believe is the best trail camera currently on the market at number one.

7. Wild Game Innovations Red 6 Infrared Digital Scouting Camera

Wild Game Innovations Red 6

There are two things that we try to avoid in a camera (from our own personal experience and preference) they are flash and overall size of the camera. The Red 6 is one of the bigger cameras that we want to suggest; however, the other features it has to offer are not something to ignore.

The Red 6 has an infrared flash range of up to 50 ft. an SD card capacity of 16 GB, and records video! Not to mention the resolution is 6 MP (most cameras in this price range are 5 mp or less).

The weight and size is more than what we would hope for but with the other features it provides makes it well worth the price of $76.49.


6. Stealth Cam Jim Shockey “Sniper Pro” 8.0 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

Stealth Cam Sniper Pro

The Sniper Pro is another larger camera; however, this trail camera offers some great features that most people hope to have with their camera. The Sniper Pro  provides an 8 mp resolution which is very rare for a camera under $100, it also has a flash range of up to 50 ft a range that competes with the most expensive cameras on the market.

Another feature that the Sniper Pro competes/if not beats out other cameras is the internal memory of 32 MB.  The SD Card capacity is  4 GB which is plenty of storage space for most trail camera owners. Again, the size of the camera is not something we favor but the price of $99.00 is definitely more than fair.


5. Moultrie Gamespy I-35

Game Spy I 35

A 4.0 megapixel trail cam that offers a 50ft infrared flash range. Takes excellent pictures day or night. The Game Spy I 35 is really close to the higher end cameras. This camera can provide video in two different resolution settings.

This trail cam offers a 16 GB SD card capacity, is weather resistant and comes in Realtree APG camouflage. Has a TV port, USB port, and cellular port on the bottom to get quick access to the pictures that you will undoubtedly be so eager to see. The easy LCD screen makes programming a cinch!

The Game Spy I35 operates on 6 “C” cell batteries. This camera can be a great reliable addition to your gear. Moultrie offers a 1yr warranty on all purchases and are often quick to get you back on your way if something should happen – A huge plus! Right now the Game Spy I 35 can be bought for $97.00.

4. Stealth Cam Prowler XT

This trail camera is slightly smaller than some of the models mentioned above. The Stealth Cam Prowler XT takes pictures with a crisp 8 MP resolution infrared flash that can be manually adjusted to a lesser resolution to save battery, memory, and SD card capacity of 16 GB. The range of this camera falls short at 35 ft much less than the cameras listed above.

One great feature that does set the Stealth Cam Prowler XT apart from the above cams is that it can record video and audio.  There is nothing sweeter than catching an elk bugling right in front of your camera and getting it recorded. It could happen and you wouldn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity. You can buy the Stealth Cam Prowler right now for only $93.30.

3. Primos Truth Cam 35

The Primos Truth Cam 35 is finally a camera you can hold in the palm of your hand. Its dimensions are 8.75″ H x 6.625 W x 2.875″ D. The Primos Truth Cam 35 can capture videos and pictures at a range of 40 ft using  35 infrared LED lights.

The Truth Cam 35 uses up to 8 GB SD Card and operates on 4 “D” cell batteries. The resolution suffers a little bit with this camera only using 3 MP. The major pro with this trail camera is the live screen preview – taking the guess work out of setting it up just right. Now you know what your camera is aimed at without taking a shot in the dark. The Primos Truth Cam 35 currently costs only$83.10.

2.Wildgame Innovations IR6 6.0 MP

The thing that we like so much about this camera is not just the size of 5 x 4 x 8 (that’s a big bonus), but the  internal memory of 64 MB and the 8 “AA” batteries required. Finally getting away from the big “D” and “C” cell batteries! A 6.0 megapixel resolution is enough to give you frame able pictures if you so feel the need.

Wildgame Innovations offer a 1yr warranty on their products which can provide some comfort behind buying this trail camera.  You can find this game camera on for $99.94.


1. Bushnell Trail Sentry 5.0MP

This choice may have taken some by surprise. There are many cameras mentioned above with overall better features. We picked the Bushnell Trail Sentry as the best trail camera under $100.00 primarily because of its compact size.  With a weight of only 9.6 ounces (without batteries) it is a lot easier to put a half dozen of these trail cameras in our backpack when setting them up.

The Bushnell Trail Sentry has a 5.0 MP resolution which is more than enough to be able to see what is coming across the camera. Our purpose is to be able to scout for elk and deer and we can do that just fine with this camera. You can purchase the Bushnell Trail Sentry for $93.99.

Wrap up

The reason why most of these models are on this list is because they are discontinued. These are still good cameras but like all products they are getting phased out and replaced by newer advanced models. These trail cameras are still great and there are plenty to be bought that will get the job done. If you are willing to pay more than $100.00 then you obviously will have more options.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave the below or contact us via Twitter.

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