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A Best Trail Camera of 2013: Moultrie M-990i

One of  the best trail cameras of 2013 has quickly become the Moultrie M-990i
. The 2013 trail camera models features as you would expect have become even better than before. Many trail cameras like the Moultrie M-990i have been upgraded to 10 megapixels and will record video in HD!!

The video will provide excellent sound and will function during the day and night.

If you struggled finding your trail camera in the field before you might really have a hard time finding this trail camera. The imaging on the trail camera will easily blend into the bark of a tree.

Some additional new features this camera has that places the Moultrie M-990i on the list of the best trail camera of 2013 is an extended IR flash range of 70 feet and a shooting mode that is very quick! The trigger speed is less than a second and can take four pictures per second.

There is a built in LCD viewing screen that will allow you to see your new pictures when you return to your area. No need to wait until you get home anymore.  There is a digital zoom feature that will allow your camera to stay away from the game trail while getting up close pictures. The zoom is up 3x.

All pictures will be stamped with the barometric pressure, moon phase, time, temperature, date, and the camera ID.  If someone were to find your camera and try to see your pictures or steal the camera they will be unable to access or use the camera because is password protected for your peace of mind.

SD memory card will accept up to a 32GB card to store seemingly endless amounts of photos on your camera. The Moultrie M-990i
will operate on eight AA batteries for convenience.

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Boxes for Trail Cams

Sometimes it can be hard to walk away from your Trail Camera without wondering if it will be there when you come back. Especially those of us that use trail cameras on public land. We don’t have control on who uses the land and unfortunately we can’t trust that strangers will leave our cams alone.

Thankfully, trail cameras are getting smaller and harder to spot by the casual hiker. In fact they can even be hard to find ourselves sometimes…

When we buy trail cameras it is an investment and we want to protect it as much as possible. Even if your trail camera is untouched by a person it can still be damaged; wildlife are curious and well known for taking advantage of the camera on a tree.

Security boxes are available for you to protect your trail camera from damage and theft. Below is a list of some popular trail camera security boxes for most of today’s popular trail cams. If a box for your trail camera is not listed below you will probably be able to find one here one here.


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